What to do on Sundays? Chill & Blog about nothing :)

Sorry If this is a little boring…. but not every day can be exciting can it? 🙂 

I’m going to set the scene for you;

My boyfriend has gone to play baseball, I have a bottle of orange squash next to me, my curtains are open slightly to let in some light. I’m sitting up in bed this morning wondering what to do with my day even though now its 11:30 – probably nearly 12 after I’ve finished writing this and I should have got up by now… BUT I’m currently nursing a little hangover and I could eat some really greasy junk food (Mcdonalds need to start delivering!)


I went out last night which I am proud of myself for, also spoke ALOT to people who I haven’t seen for a long time, which if you know me I’m not really a people’s person but you’ll find out more as we go along. I got a little worse for wear, but I really enjoyed my night and had a lot of laughs which was nice. I feel ok too (this could change in 30 minutes) but usually after I’ve been out the next morning my head is in a completely different place but this morning it’s not. 

I need to do something productive today, but I guess me doing a blog is? 

I have on in the background a playlist of all my Shazam’s that I have tagged from the start of Shazam. It’s nice to listen to older songs and remember those times. Music is a strange thing because certain songs take you back to a specific time and you feel instantly how you felt. It amazes me still that it can make you remember SO much about a certain time. 

I still haven’t eaten anything yet, and I could eat a MASSIVE chicken burger and chips. 


Thank you for listening!!!

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