New Year Q&A

This year has been crazy. I haven’t done half of the blogs that I wanted to do but hopefully I can move forward and put more work onto the blogs in the new year. I saw this on a youtube video and I thought I would answer some of these questions. It’s only a short … More New Year Q&A

My Lionheart 💗

Apologies I haven’t written anything for a while.  Last month was a particularly tough one. There was a lot of crap going on during AUGUST. but the WORST BIT.. was losing my dog. She is called Toffee. I have never known heartbreak like it. She was the first thing I’d see every morning with a … More My Lionheart 💗

Positive Steps

So I’ve had a few thoughts in the last couple days to do a list of things that I would/will achieve in the next couple months/year. Something I can always come back to and tick off. These will be idea’s off the top of my head right now so no planning has gone into this … More Positive Steps