Hello, I’m Sammy, Sam, Samantha (blah) This is my first EVER blog.. (what the hell am I doing) This is completely new for me, but I just felt like I wanted to let people in with what I have experienced in life and to help others. I will be completely honest about what’s happened in … More S’S

Health Anxiety

**I am not a doctor, these are just my experiences & opinions**   So I have struggled with health anxiety, this is where everything kind of stemmed from. Or this may have been the starting point.Β  I’ve always been a worrier. I was always the one friend to not really take risks or see the … More Health Anxiety

New Year Q&A

This year has been crazy. I haven’t done half of the blogs that I wanted to do but hopefully I can move forward and put more work onto the blogs in the new year. I saw this on a youtube video and I thought I would answer some of these questions. It’s only a short … More New Year Q&A

Adventures in USA

There aren’t enough pages for everything that I want to write about our holiday. But here’s a summary! For starters – I LOVE MOON PIES πŸŒšπŸ˜† Me and my boyfriend went and it was the BEST time! Amazing, Life changing and Spectacular.Β We flew to Seattle and spent 3 days there and did various tourist sight-seeing … More Adventures in USA