keep going, we are in this together

Its been a minute since I’ve been on here and want to re-connect. I actually just logged back in and saw this draft post and it only had a couple lines in but it was before everything that has happened started. I was going to do an update on my life, and what’s been happening in the last couple years but I think there is a different focus here at the moment and I can update whenever, whoever cares or wants to listen at a later date.

Times are very different for everybody at the moment and everybody is living in panic and confusion. So I’d like to give my little bit back even if it helps one person, I would have succeeded in helping somebody.

I hope everybody has been keeping safe and looking after yourselves. You need to make sure that you’re looking after yourself at this time especially. Mental health is going to be tough right now on everybody living in sheer panic and unstableness so here’s a few things that have helped me day to day. Im no professional and I’m just sharing my advice to help us all in this situation. I know this is easier said than done and promise me I know that and even if you just do one of these each day it will get easier;

  • Set an alarm to wake up at the same time every morning (even if its just to get up and go sit on the sofa downstairs!)
  • Get changed from your PJ’s. Pop tracksuits and comfy clothes on, even if you just put on different clean pjs 😌
  • Make sure to go on that one allowed walk. (It’ll help clear your mind) Don’t listen to the voice telling you that you don’t want to go! 🤫
  • Cook or bake something. I cook tea every night for my household and I never ever want to get started with it but I always enjoy the feeling afterwards that I’ve achieved something. Even if its as small as a meal.
  • Shower every other day.  Promise it will make you feel a tiny bit better.
  • Remember to keep talking to people. Please keep talking, even when you don’t want to. Its easy to not talk and spiral out of control but be honest with people especially those closest to you, or even living with you, make sure you keep them up-to date with how you’re feeling.
  • Play a video game. My biggest past time is playing video games, frankly I am a little obsessed but it takes me out of the world for a bit and I don’t think about much other than playing the game 🎮
  • Set up a group chat or video call to family and friends. Organise a night that everybody is free (Isn’t going to be hard at the moment) and have a huge video call, grab a beverage and get chatting. Trust me it’ll be a laugh!

Obviously I’m off work and want to use some of my time to help others which hopefully these few things can give you a bit of a boost and help you tomorrow.

To our frontline teams who are saving the world! (BIG THANK YOU FROM MY FAMILY!) 💙

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