I know I post quite a lot about my injury, but I also would like to make some people aware that whether they have been through this or going through this then It can be a bit of comfort knowing your not on your own. 


Its not all positive just so your ready – 

RECAP: I injured my knee on August 2016. Playing Football (Soccer) I had nobody near me and I went to change direction and my leg stuck to the floor and my body moved. Then there was an almighty crunch 3 times. I knew something was bad, I thought my knee had flung off somewhere! (Obviously it didn’t) I then lay there and help came over, and managed to get me to the sideline, I felt sick, ill, nauseous, blah. I currently worked at Royal Mail as a delivery person. This had complications and after a year and a half of being off sick they let me go.

I had an MRI after about two months after I had got injured and the results were a complete tear of the ACL and damage to my meniscus too. I was then told by my consultant that I would need an operation as it wouldn’t get better with time. I was given a brace to wear as much as possible and it helps with making sure the knee doesn’t get any more damage and is set to a certain degree where you are allowed to bend it too. My operation was scheduled for the 30th January 2017. 

I had the op and everything went well, I was in the hospital for one night and couldn’t fault my care whilst in there. I came out the day after and felt like I could sleep for days. It was hard not being able to do anything, and you have to rely on everybody else. When you aren’t used to doing that and being so independent its very difficult.

Now it still gets hot, I’m at physio most weeks, I attend a pilates class to try and help with core strength too. But a lot is confidence, and having the trust in your injury to hold you up.

I now have issues with my knee and I didn’t receive the greatest aftercare in the rehab process of the injury. This has made me have yet another set back because now I have to fork money out to pay for a private physiotherapist because the ones that I’ve seen were not great. 

I struggled with mental health problems before this, but this definitely has an effect on your mental and physical wellbeing. There are tough days even now. Still. 

It’s not been an easy road AT ALL. In fact it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. I still have my struggles and even after a year my knee is still not right. There seems to be a lot of set backs, if you have just had surgery then don’t let this scare you, but it is going to be a LONG road and you will need support of your friends and family whilst your going through this.

You seem to lose purpose of life and what your even getting up for, and thats the honest truth. Some people will sugar coat things but since my injury I do not do this anymore. I have realised who my real friends are too and the people that have made the effort to come and see me because I physically couldn’t get out to see them. Even texts and phone calls, those people who say they are ‘there forever’ some of them you have to just shrug off and you will get those people. 


This blog is all a bit everywhere, but its just things that have come into my head as and when. Apologies for that. 

I hope this helps somebody who might be going through this. 

Thanks for reading. 




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