few updates & thoughts


I haven’t written a blog for a while, but I think now is the right time to write one.

Things have been looking up for me, which has been a long time coming..

I’m still struggling with my knee, and that takes a lot of my energy everyday and I’m not going to deny that but I’m trying to make every day positive and make sure I do something productive everyday.


I’m starting a beauty course in April to become a beauty therapist, I’m really excited because it’ll be something completely new for me and I want to become something in my life rather than float from one job to the other (there is nothing wrong in that, but it’s not for me)

I have an opinion about school, college & university. Some people will agree with me, or totally disagree but this is just my opinion. I was at school and I’m not the ‘academic’ type, I never have been and some people might call me a little ditzy. I left school with not so great grades and panicked because I couldn’t get onto a sports course I wanted too so I had to take another year at college to get onto the course. I also got a part time job whilst at college whilst I was studying for 3 years. I remember a conversation with my lecturer and he asked me what I would like to do when I finish college.. I shrugged my shoulders. I was 16/17 at the time, what do I want to do? He then carried on and explained that if I wanted a ‘career’ then I’d have to go to university. I have never been interested in university, and because I didn’t have the interest in becoming a personal trainer, school teacher, sports coach or sports related jobs then it didn’t interest me. I thought I’d just leave college after passing, and get a job and start earning money. So I did that, and have been employed for.. 7 years. Anyway, ramble over.

So thats a bit of an update on me, and also for me to look back on and see what I’ve been upto. OH, I also saw the GREATEST SHOWMAN last night at the cinema, and it was brilliant! If you want to go get away for an hour & half and forget the world then go and see that!!!


Thank you for reading





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