My Lionheart ๐Ÿ’—

Apologies I haven’t written anything for a while.ย 

Last month was a particularly tough one.

There was a lot of crap going on during AUGUST.

but the WORST BIT.. was losing my dog.

She is called Toffee. I have never known heartbreak like it. She was the first thing I’d see every morning with a lovely greet and last thing at night. She would welcome us back home and run to the door wagging her tiny tail.ย 

She was 12 and she was the best thing, she fought a lot near the end as she’d been suffering with underlying problems for I’d say 2 years but she had got very very tired of fighting.ย She was ALWAYS there for me through school, college, work & this past year being injured. She was there no matter what. It still seems so surreal that she’s gone and I was trying to do a blog last week but its been too difficult and its been around 4 weeks nearly now, and I want to write a post remembering her and how she changed our lives completely.ย 

When you’d get soooo excited to go on a walk and especially when it had been raining and you’d usually find the muddiest puddle to go and lie in because you had run yourself out.ย 

We still hear you around with your paws on the kitchen tiles and know that you are always with us, and will be forever โค๏ธ

my toffee.jpg

I hope she’s looking down on us right now because I miss her incredibly.ย 

We think about you every single day, we love you toffee ๐Ÿ˜ซ



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