Holiday in 50 days;

Me and my boyfriend have booked a holiday to Seattle (Were from UK) in October this year.. 50 days from now in fact! (not that I’m counting) 

Seattle Baby

I may or may not have explained but I’ve been off work for just under a year now with an injury to my knee which I tore my ACL, my Meniscus, fractured and bruised the bone.. (just a small injury 🙄) I am a post woman, so at the moment I don’t feel ready as my knee is still in the healing process. I did have an operation on the 30th January this year, and it usually takes 9-12 months to FULLY heal ⌚️!! It has completely changed my life and not necessarily for the better. Sleepless nights, pain most days, relying on people which I’m not used to doing. I am very exhausted with the whole knee situation. I’m currently at physiotherapy at the moment which is a bit of a pain in the ass. I know it helps but It’s also the mental part where you need to trust your knee to get through the session and thats probably the hardest bit. It’s also been a very tough year!! 

I’m tired.. 

So anyway – We decided to book a holiday because we needed something to look forward to and we have been invited by friends over there so it seemed like the perfect time. I just stress about money, getting everything ready etc. My boyfriend probably does worry but he does VERY well to hide it, as he is rather laid back 😇.. It will be nice to get away from the same 4 walls though.

We are going for 2 weeks on October 1st. 3 days in Seattle, then renting a car and driving to Kalispell to see our friends. It will be nice to have an adventure and some quality time with my boyfriend. 

The love of my life ❤️

So its tough at the moment with me not working STILL and pain with my knee. It’s slowly getting there, but VERY SLOW! 🙁

Thanks for reading 💻


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