I woke up ready for a spa day (my first ever spa day) with my momma πŸ’—

I’d like to let you all in on some of the details;

It wasn’t an ordinary day, and I have been looking forward to this since I brought the voucher for mother’s day last march. It asked us to just bring a padlock and towel and everything else would be taken care of. It was also had a gym, swimming pools, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. WE COULDN’T WAIT 😁

Got there at 11:30, (our treatments were at 12) so we went into the canteen, to have a cup of tea/coffee before our relaxing massage. I ordered a Moroccan mint green tea which was πŸ‘Œ.Β We made our way through and I went one way and mom went the other. (It’s a spa day together but weren’t together πŸ˜‚. So I lay down and the massage on my back started…… It HURT! 😫.. I do have a high pain threshold but it was awful and was the opposite of relaxing. She may as well of stood on me, she leaned in with her elbows after one side was done it was a little relief but then realised she had to do the other side!Β 

This is EXACTLY what it felt like..!! 🦏

I came out wondering whether my mom had been through the same ordeal. I saw her, and she didn’t enjoy it either. We both felt like we’d been in a fight. And still do!! πŸ‘ŠΒ 

So then I wanted to do some exercise in the gym as couldn’t do that before so had 30 minutes in there and we were going to get changed and go to the pool etc. Got into the changing rooms and our padlock didn’t fit into the hole which was on the doorsΒ πŸ™„, what a palava. There were no spares so we had nowhere to put our bags and car key, money, everything was in there. So we looked at each other and said, shall we just go to the pub on the way home and have some dinner? So that’s what we did. I had a chicken, chorizo and potato salad and mom had jacket potato with tuna mayo. That was probably the best part of the day.

On reflection of this, it might not seem anything actually went wrong but I was disappointed because I’d paid for a nice relaxing day for me and mom and it just didn’t work out but now, I’m glad because we have something to tell and we made it our own (accidentally) I don’t think I’d of changed anything (maybe the padlock as was gutted we couldn’t swim etc 😜)Β as we had the most hilarious day and didn’t take anything too seriously and in fact we had a relaxing mind day as we just laughed which is what I needed.

I love you mom ❀️


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