Please remember you are never alone..

Yeah, it’s so easy to forget that you have people around you. Especially when you can feel that cloud creeping over you and starts taking over your body and mind. 

You should never feel as if you are a burden to somebody!! (as easy as that seems)  because I know the feeling of; 

“But they might be having a nice day?”

“They might be busy?” 

“They have better things to do?”

“I just suck the life out of everyone”

“I don’t wanna go out and talk if people ask me what’s the matter” 

“I’m better off just staying in bed”

The list is endless, but if you’ve been through this, these are the types of things that run through your head. 


The hardest part is to start talking but then slowly it does get easier. VERY SLOWLY! It is not a quick fix which you have to keep telling yourself. 

The minute I started talking, (about 2 years ago) a weight was definitely lifted. I was taken aback that people who I’ve known suffer with stuff too and to relate to also. But you will get those people who ‘don’t get it’ which isn’t their fault but i guess they are fortunate enough to feel ok. But those people shouldn’t be your first choice to go to. 

So somebody is always out there for you to speak to, whether its me on here, friends, family. But you need to remember that some people who say they are ALWAYS there may not be, but you do seem to realise who is actually there for the good and bad.







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