My Plan? Here it is, DETAILED..

I would love if I could do this as a job, but I have to be realistic here. I enjoy the blogs that I write and interacting with a variety of people.

I used to be quite quiet and worry a lot about what I said when I was younger, now I really don’t care (within reason) I feel that journeys that we go through are given to us, and we wouldn’t be who we are today unless we went through them. 

Nobody has a perfect life, and everybody is battling something at some point in their precious time on this planet. 

I want to use my voice for more awareness and to give people a place to vent, and socialise without any judgements. This is my path, yeah there will be different sorts of blogs on the way, but nobody path is in one direction right? 

I hope I get the support I need. Obviously I’m going to try my best to make sure that everybody is ok, but It’s also ok if I need my time too. So there’s not so much pressure.

 I’m here just listen, advise and be a friend. I wish when I was younger that I had something like this because I didn’t.. And understanding that living with a mental illness is certainly possible and you WILL be able to control this or even overcome it. I’m not trained in anything connecting to this, the most I’ve done is completed a BTEC in college. 

I hope I can help somebody. giphy3

Thank you x

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