My Idol

So maybe some of you are wondering why I have a Demi Lovato quote at the top of the page, well if you know me you will know that I am very much obsessed with her. She is my inspiration and she has helped me so so so much!

I wish I could meet her one day, maybe that dream will come true eh?

Ive been diagnosed with anxiety & depression and at the time it was when Demi had become open within her personal life and experiences with this which helped a little as you kinda feel like your not alone.

I won’t go into that dark stuff too much as right now isn’t the right time and there will become a vacant spot for that talk.

She consistantly brings out great music and her vocals get better every single year. I’ve never been to one of her concerts but that is definitely one on the bucket list.

Around 2 years ago I decided to get a tattoo, which is connected to Demi.


This is on my left forearm, and its part of Demi’s signature. Its for me to look at something positive every day.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blogs.

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